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Inside Oxford! - B2


Although, with around 160.00 inhabitants, just the same size as Gelsenkirchen, Oxford is one of the best known cities in the world. This is, of course, due to its famous university. There is hardly a place that could be more "British" than this "city of dreaming spires". The architecture of the colleges has inspired the makers of the Harry Potter films, and student life is full of strange rituals and traditions such as "the Bodlean oath", "punting", "a yard of ale" and "hunting the mellard". Oxford is also among the most haunted places in the UK: A number of famous ghosts are said to walk along its streets and corridors at night. This talk is a first hand account, since the speaker lived and studied there for 6 years and still is a member of the "Oxford University Society". A little warning: Cambridge will not be mentioned in the talk, but will only be referred to as "the other place".

Experience: at least B2

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